Google Page Rank: Effective Ways To Improve!!

Google Page Rank is the most controversial topic ever discussed among the SEO experts. Most of them seem a bit confused about how pages are ranked, what are the important factors affecting a Google page ranking etc. Google PR (Page Rank) is quite a mathematical formula that seems difficult but the reality is it is as simple as any other search engine algorithms.

Google PR Algorithm:

Google applies more than 1000 factors while ranking any website and positioning it in the displayed results and page ranking is one of them. Somehow a page rank provides a slight idea about your importance among the millions of Web Pages on the net. A better PR denotes that how unique you are in the crowd of WWW. and you have some quality information or services to offer. Higher PR never correlates you with higher position in the search engines result pages but differentiate your position among your competitors’ that you’re much better than all.

Important Question: How to Improve Page Rank

There are several factors Google consider while giving PR to any of the web page. It’s not only the best designing part, keyword density, relevancy or the quality content which enables to get a higher PR but page ranking is a combined result of all these factors which are defined by the search engines.

    • One can get higher PR by having a no. of back links from other website pages. It is recommended to have backlinks from the websites already having higher PR than your website. There are certain methods to get quality backlinks viz. one way or now days three ways linking with other sites, posting on blogs and forums, article marketing, and press releases etc.
    • Quality content on your website helps you to acquire a higher PR as search engines gives higher to pages with quality content.
    • Numerous relevant keywords with anchor text will assist you to get higher PR.
    • Placing main keyword between H1 tags or highlighting keywords in the whole content in bold, underlined or italicized should also be a better idea.
    • The most important criteria are the relevancy of your webpage. How relevant it is while matching with a search query determines the page rank.
    • A few factors like JavaScript, Frames, Outbound links, Pop ups can decrease your page ranking so just try to avoid these things on your web page to get a higher PR value.
    • Updating of the content at frequent intervals to get noticed by Google and to get a better PR.

How Site Visit Effect Page Ranking

While discussing all the possible factors influencing the page-ranking site visit is believed to play no as such role to enhance a page ranking. If your site receives more visits it definitely indicates your website popularity but PR ranking is a sole discretion of the search engines. Search engines use certain predefined parameters for giving PR to a web page and they never consider the no. of visits a site receives.


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