What keywords should you use?

When people are searching for information on the Internet, the queries they enter into search engines and directories are comprised of keywords and keyphrases. The keywords and keyphrases that we think they use and what they actually use can be two very different things.

Here’s a couple of tools that I use to help determine keyword structure in content that I am developing:

Overture search term suggestion tool

Overture is the world’s largest PPC (Pay Per Click) networks. They provide a tool for their advertisers to help them gauge keyword popularity in relation to searches on their network, but you don’t need to have an account with them to use it:

http://inventory.overture.com/d/ searchinventory/suggestion/

Word Tracker:

This is a premium service, but you can get a free trial. Word Tracker is the favorite tool of many SEM and SEO professionals.

Word Tracker compiles a database of terms that people search for. You enter some keywords, and Word Tracker will tell you how often people search for them, and also tell you how many competing sites use those keywords.


Good KeyWords – Free software

Good Keywords is free Windows software tool from Softnik Technologies for finding the ideal set of keywords for targeting your web pages. Use Good Keywords to find suitable keywords sets, create your meta tags, brainstorm product ideas, etc.

The applications also contains a link popularity and site popularity tool

Download the software from here:


Choosing the correct keywords and phrases for your site content can mean the difference between your site being buried in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) or making the first page. It’s crucial that your site is listed within the first 30 results for as many of your industry keyphrases as possible.


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  1. For keyword research you may try seodigger.com.
    it allows you to input a site URL and it will then show you the keywords that site has that will rank it among the top 20 in Google. It returns quite a few good answers and allows you to see the Wordtracker and Overture results as well.
    One of the neat features of this site is that you can sort by the position, wordtracker
    ranking, overture ranking and also the most recent keyword request.

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